“Hair care is important!” says hair care website

“Hair care is important!” says hair care website

Coming straight out of the drawer marked ‘small amounts of time can add up’, we have the revelation that women spend around 14 hours every year at the hairdressers.

This sounds like an awful lot when accumulated over a lifespan – hence the headline-grabbing figure of ‘1 month at the hair salon – but is it actually so surprising? Accepting that the 14 hours per year is a true figure, given that there’s 24 x 365.25 hours per year – or 8766 hours per year in real money – the 14 hours spent in the hairdressers actually represents 0.16% of a woman’s life. That’s less than a fifth of a percent.

Still, when you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem quite as impressive – which is why it’s no surprise that the company who paid for this story elected to go with the lifetime figure:

Francesca Davies, spokeswoman for Fabriah.com who conducted the study, said: ‘If your hair looks great, you feel great so 36 days over the course of a lifetime is nothing for fabulous looking hair.

‘Every woman knows how important it is to look after your hair. A regular trim and tidy up keeps the spilt ends at bay and keeps your hair looking and feeling great. A colour always adds some extra shine to your hair and can give you some lovely tones which you can’t achieve at home.

If you’re going to invest over a month of your life into hair care, it must be important, right? This hair care website certainly thinks so.