“A messy divorce can lead to a very lonely Christmas!” says divorce law group

Christmas can be a tricky time, particularly for those who’ve been through a messy and complicated divorce. And the originators of this survey certainly know a thing or two about that:

The research was based on a poll of more than 4,000 British adults for Resolution, the body representing 6,500 family law professionals in England and Wales.

You may think it odd that Resolution want to remind divorcees how hard life can be at Christmas, but read on a little further and their angle becomes clearer:

Arguments over where the children will spend Christmas, competing grandparents, factoring new partners into the equation and a fear of being left alone during the holidays can all add up to a huge amount of anxiety.

Liz Edwards, Chair of Resolution, said: ‘It’s clear from this poll that couples who have separated or divorced find the festive season significantly more stressful than most other people.

‘It’s so important – particularly when children are involved – that separating couples find the best long-term solutions, so they can make arrangements together where possible.

That’s right – if you go with a shoddy divorce lawyer, your Christmases are going to be unbearable… so it’s best to choose a good divorce lawyer, like one of those represented by Resolution.