“The weekend is here, so sod those dieting plans!” says takeaway company

We may all pretend to care an awful lot about what we eat and drink as we strive to attain the kind of body the media requires us all to desire, but as soon as the weekend is here we sigh a collective ‘Fuck that!’ and reach for the bacon, according to this latest pseudoresearch paid for by…

A spokesman for the website FreeDeliveryLand.co.uk, which commissioned the poll, said: ‘Friday is the day when most of us like to reward ourselves after a stressful week.

‘With most of us leading busy lives, and a constant pressure to eat well, drink less and exercise more, Friday is the first day of the week when we feel we can ignore all the good advice, and indulge in a few bad habits.

‘And why not – we spend most of the working week being good so I think we’re more than entitled to let our hair down once a week.’

That would be a takeaway company, telling us all to let down our hairs and let our weight-watching fall by the wayside this weekend.