“You’re a god-damn filthy liar!” says restaurant running excuse-based promotion

That’s right – you’re all no-good liars, every one of you! Or at least so says the company behind this particular tale:

But most of us lie to make other people feel better, a survey for Beefeater restaurants claims.

Why would Beefeater#s restaurant chain wish to insinuate you’re a liar? Well, they have a good excuse:

Whatever your excuse… There’s always time for a Beefeater!

The grill’s been on since 1974 and our passion for great British cooking is still going strong.

Every day should be a celebration and we’re on a mission to help you to find those little excuses in life to indulge in a treat and beef up your week!

So, what’s your #AnyExcuse ?

Source: http://anyexcuse.beefeatergrill.co.uk/

Because the beefeater chain of restaurants is running an advertising campaign based around excuses, we get a press release suggesting we’re a nation of liars.

I’d like to know what Jonathan Symcos of the Mirror has as his excuse for running a nonsense story like this. I wonder if there’s a hashtag for that one.

HT: @PencilBloke for the spot