“Things annoy taxis drivers!” says taxi-booking app

Taxi drivers are easily irritated – we all know that. What we may not have known is how easily they can be pandered to in order to secure headline coverage – in this case, by taxi-booking app Hailo:

The cabbies also liked the “Middle-aged men in Lycra zone” sign to warn of cyclists ahead. The list was created for Hailo, a smart phone app that helps customers call a taxi.

Cabbies also want out-dated road signs, such as for horse-drawn vehicles, dropped.

Hailo’s Russell Hall, said: “The new road signs address modern life. Potholes are a common gripe for all drivers.”


Slightly less willing to play ball were the Department for Transport, whose spokesperson offered the most beautifully flat quote:

The Department for Transport said: “It is vital that signs give information road users need. They are reviewed to ensure they’re fit for purpose.”

I’m not sure anything I write could convey how much of a waste of time and space this story is, better than that DoT quote does.