“Bingo puts you in the mood for sex!” says bingo firm, desperate to say ‘6 and 9, 69’

Exactly how much expertise does it take to carry out a sex survey? A recent example from the Mirror and Daily Mail helps shed some light on the subject:

What turns you on? Clean sheets and losing weight top the charts in sex survey

And it seems that while slimming is top of the list for females, for men, a night out with the boys is top of the list.

Fresh bed sheets and losing weight are the biggest turn-ons for women, it has been revealed.

A new survey has shed some light on what exactly gets men and women in the mood for sex.

And it seems that while slimming is top of the list for females, for men, a night out with the boys is top of the list.

Source: Mirror, 28th October 2013

Top turn-ons? Clean sheets and weight loss: Survey finds what really is most effective at getting your partner into bed

Losing weight is most likely to get a woman in the mood for passion, a new study has found.

The research revealed that slimming, winning money and fresh bed sheets are the biggest turn-ons for the female sex.

In contrast, men are most likely to be up for fun between the sheets after a night out with the lads.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th October 2013

Clearly, given the subject of the article, this has to be serious research into the national libido, and what kind of factors put us in the mood, right? Well…

The study of more than 2,000 Brits by entertainment brand Mecca revealed 60 per cent of women would be turned on by winning a sum of money.

And over half of men (52 per cent) would be keen to send their other half to play bingo if it meant they returned home ‘in the mood’.

Entertainment brand, Mecca? Could they possibly mean, this Mecca? The bingo firm, Mecca?

I’ll let ‘relationship expert’ and mouthpiece-for-hire Tracey Cox explain, from the Daily Mail:

Psychologist Tracey Cox, a sex, body language and relationships expert, said winning causes a rush of adrenaline which can make people more aroused.

She said: ‘Winning is a common theme for both sexes when it comes to driving sexual desire.

‘Whether it be a sports team win or a bingo win, they both provide personal gain which induces happiness.

It just goes to show, when it comes to making headlines in the media for your product or brand, simply crowbar in a sex angle and… biingo! The newspapers will lap it up.