“Women do things in cars!” say make-up retailers and junkyards

It was deja vu in the Telegraph last week, with the pair of shock revelations that women do things in their cars sometimes. First, we had the news that women apply make-up during their journey to work each morning: 

One in three women apply makeup on the way to work, study finds

Women feel most comfortable applying lipstick in public but are embarrassed using fake tan a study finds.

A busy one in three women now apply make-up on their daily commute to work, a new study found.

The 32 per cent are confident enough to put on lipstick, mascara, eye liner, and foundation on the train, tube, or bus.

And a quarter (25 per cent) would now like travel firms to help them – by fixing mirrors to the back of seats on public transport.

Source: Telegraph, 30th October 2013

The article – commendably and honestly attributed to ‘News Agencies’ – was actually a press release aimed getting make-up retailer feelunique.com into the press:

Women feel most comfortable applying lipstick in public but embarrassed using fake tan, the study by beauty retailer feelunique.com found.

Their spokesperson – the implausibly named Newby Hands – explained the importance of make-up these days: 

Newby Hands, from feelunique.com, said: “Women are busier than ever having to juggle work pressures with their home life, friends and family so PDAs are becoming increasingly part of our everyday life.

“As a result, many of us have become experts – perfecting the art of putting makeup on, on the train, bus and school run.

“We are so caught up in the fast pace of everyday life that it’s easy to forget there are people around us, who are probably snapping up our inner most beauty secrets, tricks, tips and habits.”

Go figure.

Next up, the very next day, there was a surprisingly familiar looking lady in a car demonstrating how women use their cars as an extension of their wardrobe:

Women use cars as ‘second wardrobe’

Beauty products and spare clothing are kept in the cars in case of emergency, a survey has revealed.

Half of young female drivers use their car as a ‘second wardrobe’, with the majority of these claiming to keep extra clothing, accessories and make-up in their vehicle ‘in case of emergency’.

As many as 54 per cent of 1,621 female drivers aged 18-25 from around the UK admit to keeping their vehicle fully stocked with clothing and beauty products in case they find a need for it.

Source: Telegraph, 31st October 2013

The somewhat-mindboggling source of this article? A breakers yard:

Matt Bott, the operations director at breakeryard.com, said: “With the fast pace of modern life, it makes sense to keep back-up items in your car in case of emergency. The vagaries of the British weather means that you can never be too sure about the appropriate choice of clothing.

“Make-up being number one is no surprise, as the majority of women like to touch up on their handiwork from time to time. We would advise keeping the majority of it in the boot though, as an expensive pair of straighteners on the back seat could be a prime target for thieves.”

What can we glean from this pair of Telegraph articles? Two things, I believe:

1. Matt Bolt has presumably less chance of making a sale from this particular piece of PR than his make-up-selling counterpart Newby Hands.

2. The Telegraph don’t feel it worth having more than one ‘woman with car’ stock photo.