“Maybe you should go somewhere nice this weekend!” says airline company

When does your weekend start? Earlier than you’d imagine, if you believe the newspapers:

Does your weekend start at 2.39pm today?

A survey has found that 2.39 on a Friday afternoon is the time when many employees shift into weekend mode. Workers get that Friday feeling soon after lunch, and spend much of the afternoon browsing Facebook & emailing friends. Many put this down to having worked overtime the rest of the week. Does your weekend start now?

Source: Guardian, 25th October 2013

The Guardian, no less – a high-water mark for the world of Bad PR. Still, missing from the Guardian write up is the crucial point – the name of the company behind the survey. 

Fortunately, the Guardian weren’t the only ones to run the story:

Weekend starts at 2.39pm today as workers start switching off on Friday afternoons

You may be waiting for the clock to tick round to 5pm today so you can leave the office. But in your head, the working week is already over by then.

Workers switch off for the weekend at 2.39pm on Friday, it is claimed. A study of 2,000 office staff found the majority mentally wind things down well before the official end of the day.

Almost half admit they take Fridays easier than any other day.

Source: Daily Mail, 25th October 2013

Did the Mail remember to leave in the name of the corporate paymasters behind the story? The company with a vested interest in having people kick back on Friday afternoons to plan their weekend? Of course they did:

The research, commissioned by British Airways, found the Friday afternoon wind-down often consists of using Facebook, arranging weekend plans and online banking.

Robin Glover-Faure, Head of Shorthaul for British Airways, said: ‘With this research revealing that Brits are switching off for the weekend slightly earlier than the traditional 5pm, it’s clear to see that planning ahead and having exciting activities lined up is more important than ever.’