“You won’t get a job without wearing make-up!” says make-up retailer

Would you employ someone if they refused to wear make-up, and were a woman? According to the latest ‘research’, the answer might well be no:

British Bosses less likely to employ women who don’t wear makeup

Women who wear make-up are more likely to be employed than those who opt for a natural look, a survey revealed.

MORE than two thirds of British Bosses said they would be less likely to employ a female job applicant if she didn’t wear make-up at interview.

Source: Daily Star, 18th October 2013

Two thirds of British bosses say women should wear makeup if they want a successful career

More than two thirds of British bosses said they would be less likely to employ a female job applicant if she didn’t wear make-up at interview.

The survey also showed that 49 percent of bosses said it would be a major factor if the job was in sales or was a public-facing role in the company.

Figures were similar for promotion prospects with 60.8 percent of company executives saying that if female staff members didn’t wear cosmetics on a regular basis it would have a detrimental effect.

Source: Daily Mail, 17th October 2013

If the results of this ‘research’ are accurate, wearing make-up can have a huge effect on a woman’s chances of securing that dream job – which leaves us only to ascertain how accurate the findings actually are. A quick look to the company who created the study may help shed some light on that particular question:

Emma Leslie, beauty editor at escentual.com, who conducted the research, said: ‘Whether rightly or wrongly, British bosses clearly think that keeping up appearances at work is an important factor for female staff if they want to get on in their career.

‘It’s also quite startling to learn that women feel that they need make-up in order to impress at work, and our survey showed there is a strong psychological element to wearing make-up that makes women feel more poised, confident and ‘put together’.

No surprises to discover, then, that the company telling women they need to wear make-up to be taken seriously are a company who sell make-up. 

You couldn’t make it up.