“People who shop in supermarkets have affairs!” says extramarital dating website

Back in August, our shopping habits were under scrutiny:

How to spot a cheating spouse? Check their shopping basket

Bored spouses looking for an extra-marital affair are more likely to shun the bargain bin in favour of more upmarket supermarket brands, according to a new survey.

Although the poultry and vegetable displays may not be the most romantic setting, researchers have found that the weekly food shop is for some a prime opportunity to catch someone’s eye while checking out the “deal of the week” at the same time.

Source: Telegraph, 16 August 2013

Infidelity in aisle three: Is shopping at Waitrose a sign a chap is cheating?

Ladies, has your other half taken to shopping solo at Waitrose? Gents, is the woman in your life popping to Sainsbury’s a lot?

Then it seems you may have cause to worry about your relationship.

A survey has examined the shopping habits of those who are considering an extra-marital affair.

It found that the number one supermarket for such men is Waitrose, while for women it is Sainsbury’s. Tesco, Asda and the Co-op also featured prominently.

Source: Daily Mail, 16 August 2013

Who conducted the survey?

Dating website IllicitEncounters.com quizzed their 800,000 members to find out more about their shopping and cheating habits.

IllicitEncounters – an ‘extramarital dating’ website. It’s fair to say their users perhaps don’t reflect the habits of your average Waitrose shopper. What we’ve found, if we actually trust the results (and I wouldn’t, personally), is that users of an affairs website also shop at Waitrose.

What we haven’t found is that people who shop at Waitrose have affairs – and we especially haven’t found that shopping at Waitrose is a sign your spouse is having an affair. Which, universally, was the headline of the coverage.

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