“People don’t appreciate a good bath enough!” says bathroom retailer

One of the great tragedies of the modern age, according to the Daily Mail, is our sheer neglect for the luxury of a long, hot soak:

Baths are a washout in modern life: Quarter of the population never take time to soak

More than a quarter of Britons never have a bath, surprising new figures have revealed. 

Millions opt for quick, effective showers, which can often last for no more than 30 seconds each morning.

The change is being led by youngsters and affects areas as far apart as Northern Ireland and south-east England.

Source: Daily Mail, 4th October 2013


It seems that the humble shower has killed off the noble bath, much to the chagrin of… who exactly?

A survey by Homebase shows that, today, on average, over 26 per cent of the population never has a bath which rises to one third in London and the South East.

That would be Homebase, the bathroom retailer, who made their case in an extensive press release on their own website

You might think it odd, then, that Homebase would tell the world that baths are no longer en vogue – but with a quick quote from their marketing director, their angle becomes clear:

Homebase Marketing Director Jo Kenrick said: ‘An entire generation is missing out on a spectacular sensation which our grand parents took for granted.

‘However, such is the pace of modern life, that a ritual which has lasted for centuries is in risk of falling out of favour in just two decades.’

While people aren’t having baths any more, it’s about time they should… and now they know where to get a nice new bath, too.