“Nostalgia for your childhood is a great thing!” says makers of nostalgic ice cream

A nostalgia tale for you today, from the pages of the Telegraph:

Sindy, My Little Pony and sticker albums remind adults most of ’80s childhood

Sindy, My Little Pony and sticker albums have topped a poll of the toys most likely to remind UK adults of their ’80s childhoods.

Other nostalgic toys featuring highly in the poll were Hula Hoops, Game Boys, fiendish Rubik’s Cubes, and Space Hoppers.

Card game Top Trumps, Polly Pockets and Care Bears also made the top 10 of favourite childhood toys, which have all enjoyed reincarnations since being originally issued.

Source: Telegraph, 1st October 2013

It seems we children of the 1980s ought to be reliving our childhoods, according to this research – research commissioned by ice cream manufacturers Wall’s, to mark their re-launch of a 1980s classic ice cream:

Ice-cream giant Wall’s Funny Feet asked 2,000 adults their happiest 1980s childhood memories – and the things they would most like to see again.