“A tidy kitchen is better than sex!” says kitchen appliance manufacturer

What’s your biggest turn on? Don’t answer that – this isn’t one of *those* kind of tumblrs. Plus I already know the answer, thanks to the Telegraph and Daily Mail – your biggest turn on is a clean kitchen:

Sex? We would rather have a tidy home

Britons believe having a tidy home is better than sex, according to a study’s latest findings.

More people would rather have a tidy home than go on holiday, have a good night out or even make love to their partner, the survey found.

More than a third of respondents (36 per cent) listed a tidy home as their number one priority, whereas sex topped the list for just 18 per cent.

Source: Telegraph, 25th September 2013


A tidy house is better than sex! Clean home brings us the most pleasure

The smell of polished floors and fresh sheets… What could be better?

Well for most of us, very little.

A poll reveals that Britons would rather have a tidy home than go on holiday, socialise or even make love to their partner.

Some 36 per cent of people said a tidy home is their greatest pleasure – compared to 34 per cent who picked a holiday, 18 per cent who chose sex and 11 per cent who named a good night out.

Source: Daily Mail, 25th September 2013


So, it appears we kinky Brits would rather be getting clean than getting dirty, if the latest ‘research’ is to be believed – with women spending 17 hours every week tidying up.

Seventeen hours every seven is quite a lot of time, I’m sure you’d agree – roughly two and a half hours of solid cleaning work every day, without fail. Of course, neither newspapers provide the research methodology to back up that finding and prove that it’s anything other than a handily-high figure plucked out of thin air by a survey-completing populace given little motivation to think carefully about their responses when provided with questions and options designed to produce a headline-friendly statistic.

Which brings us neatly to the survey paymasters themselves, in this case household appliance firm Beko:

George Mead of household appliance manufacturer Beko, which commissioned the survey, said: ‘The survey certainly shows there’s a discrepancy between the sexes when it comes to division of housework so appliances that save time can help families enjoy more quality time together.’

You might think it lucky that the survey Beko paid for found that people need to find ways to reduce the time they spend on household maintenance – exactly the kind of thing an expensive range of appliances might be able to help with.

As for the dubiously-low sex drives purported in the headlines and hook of the stories, it’s unclear whether Beko produce any appliances to help in that respect. But what is clear is that they’re happy to produce unhelpful stereotype-laden non-research to fill the newspapers with, as long as their product names get a nice prominent mention.