“People hate waiting for replacement cards!” says bank promoting same-day replacement service

October 3rd, 2013

What makes you impatient? Queuing at the Post Office? Counting down the days until Christmas? Waiting for your favourite Bad PR blogger to finally get around to blogging again? It could well be all of those things, and more, if you’re to believe what Nathan Rao of the Daily Express has to say:

Patience? We just don’t have the time for it

WAITING in for a parcel which eventually arrives just before the delivery slot ends is guaranteed to test the most patient of people.

And when it comes to hanging around on the phone, hearing “your call is very important to us” can reduce even the most saint-like to tears.

Britons are becoming less tolerant of being kept waiting as time becomes more precious, new research reveals.

Source: Daily Express, 1st October 2013


Modern life, it seems, is a frustrating affair, with our lives spent hanging on the telephone and waiting for parcels – disastrous when time is ‘becoming more precious’. Although how and why our time is suddenly more precious than ever before is an unstated major premise, and a recurrent historical theme at that. Modern life is always getting more hectic, and always has been.

As if to demonstrate how hectic modern life has become, and how hard it can be to keep track of everything that’s going on, the Daily Mail decided to cover this story not once but twice, on consecutive days, written by two completely separate journalists. Well done Larisa Brown and Keiran Corcoran.

While it’s tempting to assume this latest outing of an age-old truism stemmed from genuine sociological research, it’s actually far more likely that Nathan Rao of the Express contributed barely a word to this article – given that the entire story was seeded by Barclays in order to highlight the frustration of losing a bank card:

Around a third of 2,000 adults polled said that being left without a credit card after having it lost or stolen will jar their patience.

The research from Barclays found that a third of victims are forced to borrow from friends or family due to the delay in getting a replacement.

Of course, this new research highlighting the frustrations of waiting on replacement bank cards has nothing at all to do with Barclay’s current ad campaign promoting their same-day-replacement promise for lost or stolen bank cards.