“People spend too much money on their holiday clothes!” says discount clothing retailer

Are you planning your Summer holiday any time soon? Chances are, you are – and the PR  machine knows this. Which is why an article in the Daily Mail’s Money section recently explored the financial implications of jetting off into the Summer sun:

The summer holiday throwaway: British sunseekers waste £83 on clothes that are never used again

The average UK holidaymakers will waste £83 buying clothes for their summer holiday that they never wear again, a new survey has claimed.

Men are the worst offenders, wasting £100 on summer outfits they never wear compared with just £67 by women, according to research by retailer TK Maxx.

The survey, which looked at 2,000 people across the UK, said the average person spends £83 on summer clothing that never ends up in the suit case a second time.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th June 2013

That wouldn’t be the same TK Maxx which prides itself on selling the top brands at rock bottom prices, cynically advertising their low prices to the holidaymaker-market just in time to catch people refreshing their Summer wardrobe, would it?