“The people you work with are disgusting!” says bathroom furniture company

I work in an office, and I’m guessing many of you do too. While there are many challenges to a lifetime shackled to a desk surrounded by your fellow adminmates (point one: my colleague’s Spotify playlist), the threat to your health and sanity extends far beyond the visible spectrum:

Anyone for hot-desking? One third of office workers don’t wash hands after using the loo (and only a third of washers use soap)

With more and more people doing office shift work, job shares and flexible hours, it’s likely most of us have hot-desked at some point in our careers.

In which case the following news will send you straight to Boots for a bumper-pack of anti-bacterial computer wipes.

One third of office workers don’t wash their hands after using the loo, and only a third of people who do wash them actually use soap, according to new research.

Source: Daily Mail, 28 February 2013

Who would have thought that the mouth-breathing moron who sits behind you in Accounts Receivable showering crisp crumbs over their grimy keyboard had poor hygiene? It’s a newsworthy discovery – and one from a highly reputable source, no less:

When asked whether they wash their hands every time they visit the toilet at work, 68 per cent of people polled by ukbathrooms.com said they did, while 32 per cent said no. A very self-controlled four per cent of respondents said they never used the bathrooms in their workplace.

Unsurprisingly, the company explaining to us the importance of good hygiene and a good bathroom regime is… a bathroom furniture sales company. Because, you know, bathrooms are important.

Still, at least ukbathrooms.com are under no illusion as to the importance of their research:

While we don’t attach too much importance to the survey…

That makes two of us, ukbathrooms.com. Now, we only need to convince Daily Mail copy/paste expert Martha De Lacey…