“If you don’t wash those dishes you’ll die alone!” says cleaning firm

Bad news for anyone who leaves it a few days between doing the washing up: The Daily Express says you’ll die alone:

Tidy your home or be alone

A DIRTY home could leave you very lonely – as it can ruin your social life and your love life too, a survey has found.

Two-thirds of single people said they would shelve a second date with someone who is happy to live in filth.

Three-quarters of Britons would avoid eating at a friend’s house if the kitchen was dirty, and a third would not let their children play in a messy house.

An unhygienic home could even make you a laughing stock – with nearly a half of men and more than a third of women admitting they have gossiped about the state of a pal’s place.

Source: Daily Express, 15 March 2013


That’s the bad news. The good news, luckily, is that this isn’t a real piece of research about the world – it’s an advert for a cleaning firm:

Pam Bader, boss of domestic cleaning firm Molly Maid which carried out the survey, said: “Even if someone has a fantastic career, amazing personality or a nice smile, a dirty house is a massive no-no.”

Unsurprisingly, the story originated from a press release put out by Molly Maid, designed to convince people that having a cleaner is not just a luxury, but a vital piece in the not-dying-alone jigsaw modern life has become.