“Don’t you wish you had a body like a celebrity?” asks gym chain

Ever on the edge of a scoop, the Daily Mail broke the sensational news lately that people tend to find famous people attractive:

It’s all in the abs! Women want their man to have a David Beckham six pack while men prefer Rihanna’s taut tummy to Kelly Brook’s curvy bottom

When looking for the perfect partner both sexes put a ripped six pack at the top of their checklist, a survey reveals.

For women, a man with a washboard stomach is at the top of their wish list (25 per cent) followed by muscular arms (23 per cent) and defined pecs (11 per cent).

A third (33 per cent) of men say they find defined abs as the most attractive attribute in a woman followed by a voluptuous bottom (25 per cent) and firm thighs (11 per cent).

Source: Daily Mail, 28 February 2013

Perhaps more accurately, then, it’s not the celebrities we find attractive, but specific and isolated parts of their anatomy – carving up our fellow human beings into cuts of meat in the butcher’s shop window, for the crime of being well-known. 

All of which leads me to ask, what about you? If you were asked (as is the entire point of the article in the Daily Mail) which part of a celebrity you’d like to most have your corresponding anatomy resemble, who and what would you choose?

And more to the point, what are you willing to do to achieve it? This, it trasnpires, is a key question – especially given the source of the story:

John Treharne, CEO of The Gym Group who conducted the survey, says: ‘It’s a real joy to find that our current crop of sporting heroes have encouraged more people to enjoy both watching and taking part in an active lifestyle.

‘Our expert trainers are available to help people work towards a toned, healthy body shape. Exercise is the key to achieving a strong, healthy body. 

The angle is clear, then – if you really want that celebrity body, you’d better work for it, and where better to work for it than in a The Gym Group gym.