“Women spend a long time putting on make-up!” says cosmetic surgeon selling semi-permanent make-up

Coming straight out of the ‘small numbers add up to large numbers’ file, the Sun and Daily Mail both noticed how much time women like to spend making themselves look pretty:

Women take a year to get ready

WOMEN spend a year and three months of their lives putting on make-up.

A survey into female beauty regimes shows they spend an average of 474 days putting on cosmetics.

Most time — a quarter — is spent on the eyes.

Source: The Sun, 21 February 2013

That’s a LOT of slap! Women spend a year and three months of their lives applying make-up

It’s been said women take a lifetime getting ready and it has now been revealed the average British woman will spend over a year of her life putting on her make-up.

A new survey into women’s daily beauty regimes shows UK women spend a colossal 474 days – one year and three months – in their lifetime putting on cosmetics, the equivalent of over a whole week every year.

Source: Daily Mail, 20 February 2013

Quite a startling statistic indeed – that women spending some time on their make up adds up to a lot of time over a long period of time. If this proves true, which is no guarantee – this is an online opinion poll, after all. Specifically, it’s an online opinion poll created by…

The Specialist Make-up Services poll found 93 per cent ALWAYS used slap on a night out and half had to have it on for work.

Specialist Make-up Services are the leading practitioners in semi-permanent micro-pigmentation treatments that add depth and definition to the eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Which almost makes it sound like this make-up company commissioned a poll designed to find that women waste a huge amount of their lives putting on make-up, with the expressed intention to convince people that semi-permanent make-up is a perfect time-saving solution. Or, as explained by The Sun:

The firm’s Debra Robson said: “Semi-permanent make-up saves time.”