“Men’s underwear is important and newsworthy!” says retailers of men’s underwear

What’s the best way to track the performance of the economy? Is it to check the value of your house? Or perhaps the performance of your savings accounts? Or maybe it’s to see exactly how close to death you’ll need to get before you can retire?

According to the Daily Mail, it’s none of the above – the correct way to monitor the performance of the economy is to see what underwear the man in your life is wearing:

The Underwear Index: Soaring sales of colourful men’s briefs could mean the economy is on the upturn

You’ve heard of the hemline index – where the length of women’s skirts rises or falls according to the economic climate. 

But now experts have pinpointed another marker of economic bouyancy – and it’s all down to sales of men’s pants. 

Fashion observers at UK underwear and swimwear site deadgoodundies.com have found that men buy more colourful underwear when the economy is booming, but return to their failsafe white, black and grey when there is a downturn.

Source: Daily Mail, 7 February 2013

Yes, according to retailers of men’s underwear, men’s underwear is hugely important and worthy of our attention. 

‘Believe it or not, over the past few years men’s branded underwear collections have become increasingly colourful, more so than women’s, in fact,’ Jane Garner, co-founder of Deadgoodundies.com told mnn.com. 

‘Men have a huge choice in terms of plain colours and patterns this season, and I’m not just talking about quirky kiddie prints, which were all the rage a few years ago.’

Well, Jane, if it’s all the same to you, I’ll choose not to believe it – but well done on getting your nonsense PR into the national media. If nothing else, it’s refreshing to see the Daily Mail run an underwear story where it’s men that are being exploited for their body for a change – if we’re going to objectify, then at least we can do it without discrimination…