“Women NEED to wear make up at all times!” says cosmetic surgeon selling semi-permanent make-up

Never let it be said the media doesn’t go out of its way to remind women just how unattractive they are, naturally – with the latest to hammer home this message being the Daily Express and Daily Mail:

Cover-up by girls in love

MOST women apparently wait at least a month before letting a new lover see them without make-up.

And more than a third have got out of bed and secretly applied it before their man wakes up, according to a survey. 

Another trick 60 per cent use is simply not to take their make-up off when they sleep with a new boyfriend.

Source: Daily Express, 12 March 2013


While the Daily Express squeezed a meagre six short paragraphs out of the idea that women use the definitely-important tool of make-up to hide their true face from the world, the Daily Mail went to town, employing two journalists to craft seventeen paragraphs of copy:

When would you let a new boyfriend see you without make-up? 80% of women wait an entire MONTH before daring to bare

Sorry to disappoint you chaps, but if one of the things you love most about your new girlfriend is her flawless skin, then you might be in for a surprise.

Because if you’ve been dating her for less than a month, chances are you’ve never actually seen her without make-up.

Eighty per cent of women wait at least that long before letting their new man see them make-up free, a survey found. 

And it seems that women will go to extreme lengths to impress with more than a third of women deliberately getting up before their new boyfriend to secretly apply make-up before he wakes up because they do not dare to go bare in the first flushes of love.

Source: Daily Mail, 12 March 2013


And, of course, by ‘craft’ I mean they employed two journalists to take a look at a pre-written press release and adapt it for publication, as we can see by analysing the original release:


Given that this story expounds the absolute necessity of a woman wearing her make-up during those first few weeks and months of courtship, who can we thank for placing this story into the press, and impressing upon us the importance of a made-up face?

Debra Robson, whose semipermanent cosmetics company polled more than 500 women, said: “Make-up makes you feel sexier and more confi dent. 

“I love the idea of us girls waking up early to secretly put on make-up to keep up appearances from the previous night. 

“We all want to look our best in the early throws of romance and women feel they look a lot better and more desirable with make-up.”

That would be Debra Robson – a lady who sells permanent and semi-permanent make-up services – telling women that it’s vital they wear make up at all times. Or, ‘permanently’, as you might want to term it.


You couldn’t… make it up.