“People put photos on Facebook sometimes!” says mobile network

When, exactly, is the best time to post a photo on Facebook? The answer is simple – there’s no answer to that, and it’s a meaningless question, because no time is better than any other to use social media, that’s kinda the point of it really.

Or, you could go with the Daily Mail:

2.36pm on Monday: The time you are most likely to email photos or post them on Facebook

If you notice your co-worker raising a smile at around 2.36pm on Monday and don’t know why, take a look at their computer screen – apparently that’s the time people are most likely to email friends with photos or post them on Facebook, according to a new study.

Figures reveal internet sharing peaks at this precise time for Brits who ‘wish it was still the weekend’ and try instead to reconnect with friends.

It also coincides with a post-lunch lull.

Source: Daily Mail, 3 March 2013

You might be thinking that 2.36pm seems oddly specific, as if it’s either been plucked out of thin air, or is a horribly-literal average produced from a range of answers. While it’s not easy to be precise about the provenance of this figure, it’s absolutely true that unusual and off-standard times stick in the mind easier, and are far more likely to make headlines (as some PR genius or other has used to full effect in the past).

It’s also equally plausible, in this case, that asking respondents to an online survey to select which hour of the day they’re most likely to post a photo to Facebook (remembering that even those with no idea – by which I mean the majority of us – are forced to select an option or forego payment), and then taking an basic average of all of the answers could easily produce this quirky 2.36pm result. 

Of course, what we do know, is that this online opinion poll was commissioned to get some company a few column inches in a national newspaper – step forward mobile network operator Three:

Oliver Topley, head of Insights at Three, said: ‘It’s really rewarding to stumble upon something online you know a friend will enjoy and share it with them.

‘Whether it’s a cute picture of a cat, the latest Harlem Shake video or downright daft stuff, it’s great to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face.

What Three really want you to know isn’t the exact time that you use Facebook, but that you can use Facebook on their network to share the silly things in life, whenever the mood strikes you, and their coverage will be there to support you.

Coincidentally, Three are running a major faux-viral marketing campaign over social media, where their irritatingly-contrived dancing pony video is remixed based on posts to Twitter and to Facebook.

Total coincidence, of course.