“The most important thing about a woman is how she looks!” says haircare company

In a world where men and women are increasingly considered equals, it’s great to see the Daily Mail finding time for some gold old-fashioned throwback sexism:

Young women admit they care more about their looks than their career prospects

British women aged 18-25 care more about ‘looking good’ than climbing the career ladder, according to a new survey.

The study, which asked single women to rank aspects of their life, found 41 per cent were more concerned about their appearance than how well their job was going.

One in five admitted prospects, promotions and pay rises meant less to them than having ‘perfect hair’, fashionable clothes and good make up.

As many as one in four admitted they would rather look like Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays than be as successful as businesswoman Karren Brady.

Source: Daily Mail, 5 March 2013

Alas, despite the many strides of feminism, it seems the modern-day woman cares not a jot about her career, and instead her pretty-little girlbrain can only concern itself with the superficial and cosmetic, with appearances and nice hair topping the list of things the lady of today cares most about.

Things get worse, as even fiscal security falls second to the insatiably materialistic female worldview:

The study also showed many women prioritise ‘great hair’ and ‘staying thin’ over renting or owning their own place and learning to drive.

The top priority for the 539 women questioned was going out with friends.

I think it’s frankly disgusting that all of the women of today care only about whether their hair looks nice before they go out with their friends. Unfortunately, it seems I’m alone in my view:

A spokeswoman for haircare company John Frieda, which conducted the study, said it ‘stands to reason’ that young women today are more concerned with their looks and friendships in an era when social networking means more pictures are shared online and rising house prices have made buying a first home impossible.

The John Frieda spokeswoman added: ‘It is incredible girls would rather have beautiful coloured hair and the High Street’s latest outfits than a pension in place, their own car, or their own house.

‘But this is because when you are in your early twenties appearance is of huge importance – and before life gets too serious and stressful, why should it be any other way.’

That’s right – it’s OK if your aspirations only stretch as far as looking good and having nice hair, ladies, because a haircare company (who can make your hair look nice) says so… albeit the same haircare company who created a survey designed to demonstrate that haircare is more important than all of the actual things in life that women actually care about. 

And, to round off this sexist slice of media nonsense, it’s worth mentioning that the survey designed to demonstrate just how vacuous and superficial today’s women are was conducted by… our friends OnePoll, from 72 Point: your one-stop shop for belittlingly-patronising and equality-busting bullshit.