“Baking is popular these days!” says baking competition

Who would you want to bake with? The Daily Express knows:

Mary Berry beats Nigella Lawson to be voted Britain’s most popular baking companion

MARY Berry has already stolen the nations hearts – and stomachs – with her tasty concoctions and superior judging talents, and now the Bake Off Queen has been voted the person most people in the UK would like to bake with, according to a new survey.

The ever growing popularity of baking and cookery programmes on television, as well as books and magazines has led to a baking revolution in Britain.  

Over 50 per cent of people asked in a recent survey said that they now bake weekly, with almost a quarter finding the time to bake several times a week – showing how cake making has been embraced by the nation.  

Source: Express, 20 February 2013


Because, as the news article says, baking is really popular these days – something we can be sure is true, because the story came from a press release from The Cake Awards:

The research, released by The Cake Awards also showed that as well as the UK taking inspiration from cooking shows – many of Brits use baking cakes to relieve stress and help relaxation. 

So it seems that baking is a good idea, says an entirely-impartial party.


In fact, while the original press release might be hard to track down, the fact that the Express carries a link to the website for The Cake Awards gives the game away in quite spectacular style, given that the link reads:


For the uninitiated, that long link is the Google Analytics tracked link, which The Cake Awards set up in order to track traffic to their website, and how much of that came from their press release. So, with that in mind, when you click this specially-edited link, they’ll see your traffic appear in their stats.

Much obliged.