“Men are liars!” says insurance company happy to slander half the population

Which set of genitals make you more likely to be a liar? You may think it meaningless to even ask such a question, but the Daily Mail disagrees:

Don’t ask your boyfriend if your bum looks big in this… he’ll LIE! Straight-talking survey confirms men fib to their girlfriends (so would Kanye West dare share the truth?)

If your boyfriend tells you that your bottom doesn’t look big in your new dress he is probably lying, according to a new survey.

Over a third of men (35 per cent) will fib when quizzed over the size of their partners behind, while the rest will either try and change the subject or blame the colour.

But while men are happy to indulge in straight-talking with their girlfriends they are less likely to tackle a work colleague over sensitive issues like body odour, with women twice as likely to speak up and say something to a stinky co-worker.

Source: Daily Mail, 4 March 2013

It really is a shame that men are so dishonest these days – if only they would be more straightforward, wouldn’t that be refreshing? For example?

And when it comes to dating dishonesty the Refreshingly Straightforward survey from insurance firm Hastings Direct showed that nearly a third (30%) of men have arranged to meet someone with no intention of showing up – though women are even more unreliable and are twice as likely to do this.

That would be Hasting Direct – the insurance firm who market themselves under the slogan ‘Refreshingly Straightforward’:

In fact Hastings Direct really are straightforward – they’ve created a very headline-friendly survey and written up the manufactured findings into a press release so neat and tidy that it was a doddle for Toni Jones to publish it to the Mail Online, as if this were actual news.