“Cats are really, really important!” says cat food manufacturer

How much do you love your cat? Given you’re reading this on the internet, I’m going to go ahead and assume you not only have a cat, but you also have your very own tumblr blog showing the world the various ways your cat is an intuitive and intense soul.

Still, you may not realise the full extent of your cat obsession – which is why we’re fortunate the Daily Mail is on hand to clear things up:

Are you a crazy cat person? One in ten prefer a cuddle with pet over partner while half ‘have conversations’ with feline friends

While big cats are often portrayed as King of the Jungle, it seems that little cats at home command just as much respect within their own kingdoms – as 95 per cent of owners count their cats as one of the family, a new study reveals. 

Two thirds (64 per cent) of owners formed opinions of other people based on how they react to their cat, suggesting a feeling of mutual understanding between cat and owner. 

A further one in ten even go on to state that they would rather have a cuddle with their cat than their partner.

Source: Daily Mail, 4 March 2013

Imagine loving your cat more than your partner? For this to be true, clearly cats must be pretty important creatures, which is why it’s good news that cat food manufacturer Whiskas decided to conduc this valuable study:

Helen Davis, Whiskas Portfolio Manager comments: ‘As experts in all things feline, at Whiskas we felt that it was important to team up with our very own cat expert Dr Sandra McCune and big cat authority Simon King, to do a little digging via the Big Cat, Little Cat Report into what makes a cat tick.

‘Why they eat the way they do, what it means when they’re found resting on a high shelf and why are they so active around dusk? 

‘The findings of which will help to influence our ongoing development to provide cats with what they naturally need and to ensure cat owners are empowered to give their cats the very best love and care.’