“Mother’s Day presents can be pricey!” says voucher website ahead of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, which almost certainly in no way explains why the Daily Mail decided to highlight the estimated related expenditure on mum’s across the land:

Sorry, Dad, I’m spoiling Mum! Children spend twice as much on gifts on Mother’s Day than they do for Father’s Day

Perhaps it’s only fair, given all the things our mums do for us, but it turns out that we spend twice as much on Mother’s Day as on Father’s Day.

Children pay an average of £27.37 on cards and gifts for their mums, according to research. But they are far less generous with their fathers, typically spending just £14.45.

They are also twice as likely to forget Father’s Day altogether.

Source: Daily Mail, 6 March 2013

Mum’s, then, are costly creatures to keep – and not only are you likely to spend more on a mum than on a dad, you’ll be out of the cool-kids-club if you attempt to short-change the occasion. 

‘Despite the recession it seems people still want to make a gesture to their mum and dad whenever Mother’s Day and Father’s Day come round.

‘But when it comes to stumping up the cash it seems we are prepared to pay a little bit extra for our mum,’ said a spokesman for www.Promotionalcodes.org.uk.

For the uninitiated, Promotionalcodes.org.uk is a discount voucher website where expensive gifts for mothers for occasions like, for example, Mother’s Day (tomorrow) can be bought. Because we’re all prepared to pay a little bit extra for our mum, especially if we’re able to do so while also getting a bargain.

In utterly unrelated news, on Mother’s Day (tomorrow), children traditionally buy gifts for their mother, as a show of their affection and appreciation.