“Women simply aren’t funny!” says cheese company promoting cheesy jokes for Red Nose Day

Chalking another victory for the ‘confirm an existing stereotype’ PR tactic, The Sun recently declared men to be the most rib-tickling of genders:

Men really are funnier than women say 98 per cent of new poll

MEN really are funnier than women according to a new survey – which also confirmed Billy Connolly as the nation’s favourite comedian.

An overwhelming 98 per cent of the nation think men are better at telling jokes.

The hugely one-sided outcome may surprise some given the recent upsurge in the popularity of comediennes such as Miranda Hart, Sarah Millican and Jo Brand.

Source: The Sun, 21 February 2013

While this poll soemwhat debunks itself in announcing the king of comedy to be a 70 year old Scotsman whose heydays were 30 years ago, it’s worth highlighting that the panel of comedy experts who decreed that a penis instantly bestows upon its owner the gift of comedy were quizzed by… cheese company Babybel:

Katherine Flannery, of Mini Babybel, said: “As a nation, we’re well-known for our sense of humour. With the success of Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican, we were surprised to see just 2 per cent of Brits believe women to be funnier than men.”

That’s the same Babybel who are prominently trading off their support for Red Nose Day, with their website proudly challenging  readers:

Tell us a cheesy joke and you could be on TV!

Here’s one for you: did you hear the one about the cheese company who thought selling outdated sexual stereotypes was a good way to support charity?