“People aren’t adventurous enough with wine!” says supermarket expanding its wine stocks

Do you know your wine? Chances are, you don’t know a merlot from a… a… another type of wine. Ahem. 

4,000 grapes to choose from… but we stick to four wines because we don’t know what else to choose

If the choice of wines in the supermarket leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

According to new research, almost half of us stick to a repertoire of just four favourite wines because we don’t know what else to choose.

Even though there are more than 4,000 distinct grape varieties, research by Asda revealed that 46 per cent of us won’t try new wines for fear of wasting money on something we might not like.

A quarter said they are too scared to experiment for fear of embarrassment.

Source: Daily Mail, 25 January 2013


It seems the real issue here is that wines often have descriptions which are hard to understand, and the labels are so incomprehensible that the everyday shopper is left baffled, bewildered and discouraged from experimenting.

Fortunately, for the worried wino, help is at hand:

The research has led Asda to launch a new range of own-label wines, the Wine Selection, all featuring easy-to-understand tasting descriptions and clear labelling to encourage shoppers to experiment.

In fact, to coincide with the research they paid for which said people need to drink a wider selection of wine, ASDA have launched their own wider selection of wine, as their website merrily explains.


If only PR came with clear labelling…