“People have lots of expensive clothes!” says home insurer

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? By which I mean, have you joined the legions of people around the country to buy into the onesie fad? The Daily Mail assumes so:

The march of the romper suit: Sales of ‘onesies’ soar as one in eight people now owns adult babygrows

Footballer Mario Balotelli has one, One Direction star Harry Styles has one, even Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has one.

Now it has been revealed one in eight people own a ‘onesie’ adult romper suit, according to new research.

Brits spent £10.7billion updating their winter wardrobe over the past year – with 17 per cent splurging more than £50 on an adult romper suit – or onesie, reveals a study of winter fashion trends.

Source: Daily Mail, 29 January 2013

In such financially-straightened times, it’s amazing to think that £10.7billion spent on winter clothing – although that equates to around £200 for every one of the 50 million adults in the country (or around £170 per person if, like the original press release, you include children in the maths).

With so much capital being invested in clothes – even faddy annoying clothes like the adult babygrow – you wonder what would happen to all of that investment in the event of an accident. Or, at least, you wonder that if you’re Jackie Brown, spokesperson for the company behind this story:

‘With the combination of the cold winter weather encouraging us to wrap-up warm and attractive sales encouraging us to splash the cash, it is no surprise that Brits have stocked up on winter clothing.

‘Whilst updating your winter wardrobe can be fun, it is also important to consider the full replacement cost as new of clothing and accessories that you have stored away in the house and make sure you have adequate home insurance to cover these because at Sheilas’ Wheels we don’t reduce for wear and tear.’

This story – purported to track the rise of the onesie – transpires to be little more than a reminder from an insurance company to insure your possessions. The original press release is proudly displayed on the Sheila’s Wheels website:

Just to complete the picture, a quick check shows that Leon Watson of the Daily Mail wrote just 25% of his article, taking the rest directly from Sheila’s Wheels’ press release. Presumably from the comfort of his onesie.