“Keeping a new baby healthy is hard!” says private health firm

Being a new parent can’t be easy, with your recently-minted bundle O’joy taking an inordinate amount of time and attention – just at a time when sleep deprivation leaves you at your least aware and attentive.

It’s a wonder more parents don’t crack under the pressure, and it’s why the Daily Mail were entirely believable when they declared:

Anxious new mothers make 16 visits to GP in child’s first year: Millions admit ‘panicking’ over minor ailments

Anxious first-time mothers make 16 trips to the doctor on average over a child’s first year, a study has found.

Millions of mothers admitted ‘panicking’ and taking a baby to their GP only to be told they had a minor ailment. As many as one in three went to the doctor for a common cold, according to the research.

One in ten dashed to the surgery believing their baby was unconscious – to learn he or she was sleeping.

Source: Daily Mail, 11 February 2013

The story also made the paper editions of the Daily Mail and The Times.

Those poor mothers, worrying their pretty little heads over nothing – how they must feel like such a drain on NHS resources and a burden to the busy GPs around the country. In fact, the article mentions this very worry:

One in five mums admitted worrying too much, while one third considered their worrying to always be justified.

However 44 per cent had been made to feel like they were a hypochondriac or guilty of wasting the doctor or health professional’s time.”

It seems the new parent can’t win – it’s a constant trade-off between the fear of an unwell baby and the guilt of wasting the important time of their healthcare professional. It’s just a huge shame, then, that there aren’t healthcare professionals you could pay to deal with these worries, who are private and therefore have the time to be reassuring:

The study, by mutual organisation Benenden Health, found the average mother did not get a full night’s sleep until 12 months after giving birth.

Yesterday Jean Scott, of Benenden, said: “Being a new mother can be an overwhelming experience.

As a mother myself, I know how daunting this can be and how vital it is to get support during this initial period.

Often getting professional advice when you feel your child may be unwell can be the only way to put your mind at east, even if it ultimately turns out only to be a cold.

There we are then – the perfect solution! This study, commissioned by a private health firm via 72 Points OnePoll service, has identified that what new parents really need most is a private health firm. Because – as Benenden’s own slogan declares – life is precious… and good publicity is even more so.