“People damage their phones when rowing about affairs!” says mobile phone insurer

Modern technology is so often a double-edged sword. Sure, you can exploit the fruits of the digital age to, say, easily track the intrusions of commercial PR into the national media on a daily or twice-daily basis since the beginning of 2013 – for example.

Yet, on the flip side, the gadgetry of our age can catch out the errant adulterer, as the Daily Mail informed us recently:

Dial I for infidelity: Checking partner’s mobile phone is most common way affairs are exposed

In the past, lipstick on the collar, the scent of another woman’s perfume or receipts from mysterious dinners for two were the clues suspicious wives looked for to discover if their man was cheating.

But in the age of modern technology, now snooping on a partner’s mobile phone is the most common way to catch them out.

‘Going through mobile phone’ has been cited as the top reason why illicit affairs have been exposed, according to a new poll.

Source: Daily Mail, 25 January 2013


Clearly, this is a problem – just look at the poor woman crying and smearing her make-up in the (stock) photograph which accompanied the story. Still it’s encouraging that, finally, some community-spirited and moral souls have brought the issue to our attention:

Nearly 2,400 UK adults, all of whom had either been caught cheating while in a relationship or who had found a partner was being unfaithful to them in the past, were quizzed by a mobile phone insurance website on the circumstances in which the infidelity was discovered.

Of course, that these home truths are being given to us by a mobile phone insurer has no bearing upon the validity of the information being presented. As the Daily Mail clarifies for us: 

Mobile phone insurance website www.mobileinsurance.co.uk conduced the research after noting a rise in the number of claims for breakages that occurred to handsets during relationship splits or arguments.

Almost a tenth of the respondents taking part said that a mobile phone had become broken as a direct result of an argument within a relationship, such as by being thrown or dropped.

See? This story is based entirely on public good, and has absolutely no commercial link to the business of mobile insurance, as a handy spokesman is happy to explain:

John Lamerton, managing director of MobileInsurance.co.uk, said: ‘You’d be surprised how often relationship arguments and cheating gets cited in mobile phone insurance claims, even though we often don’t ask for that depth of detail. 

‘Evidently, those being unfaithful in relationships need to keep better tabs on who is looking at their mobile phone, as it’s by far the most common way in which cheaters are caught. Either that, or they should nip their cheating ways in the bud!

Either clean up your act or be more careful with your phone – that’s the message MobileInsurance.co.uk want you to take away from this story. That, and the importance of insuring your phone, just in case…