“People buy lots of sportswear!” says department store selling sportswear

As we’ve seen extensively, January was a month of keep fit – with gym firms and health foods cashing in on the New Year’s Resolution pay-dirt. In fact, it was hard to move in the media without anyone with even a peripheral link to keeping spouting off about just how popular exercise has become. Take the Daily Star, for instance:


SPORTSWEAR sales have soared this month as people get fit after piling on the Christmas pounds.

Tracksuit bottoms, leggings and tops have been selling fast, and some shops have been forced to order extra supplies.

Source: Daily Star, 15 January 2013


It seems that the legions of people heading to the gym, doubtlessly inspired by the near-constant stream of PR telling them to do so, caused a major surge in the sales of sportswear in shops all across the land. How encouraging!

This couldn’t actually be a cynical move by a company with a vested interest in making us think sportswear was suddenly popular, could there? Let’s ask a spokesperson!

Debenhams said last Saturday was the biggest day of the year for flogging sportswear.

Sales of Pineapple sports leggings have risen by more than 300%, while the number of sweat tops sold has risen by 275%.

Debenhams spokesman Michelle Dowdall said the store had noticed increased sales across the whole range of sportswear including men’s, women’s and even children’s items.

She added: “By the time the new year rings in, shoppers are sick of their muffin tops and too-tight jeans, and want to get fit and lose the bulge.

This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with Debenhams wanting to sell more sportswear, of course… although the story was sourced from their PR department