“People feel really ill for the majority of the year!” says private health clinic

When was the last time you felt in rude health? Chances are, not recently, apparently:

We only feel fit for 61 DAYS a year… the rest of the time we’re fighting colds, stubbing our toes and cricking our necks

The average Briton only feels 100 per cent fit and healthy for 61 days of the year, it emerged yesterday.

For the rest of the time they are soldiering through four colds, one dose of flu, five cricked necks along with numerous other illnesses.

It means most of us operate at well below our best for almost ten months of the year.

Source: Daily Mail, 22 January 2013

We poor British folk – only ever a few days from our next bout of illness, and at a time when our Conservative-led government rolls back support for the NHS. Whatever will we do? Well, at one person has a suggestion:

Worryingly, the research, commissioned by Spire Bristol Hospital, also found the average Brits feels ‘run down’ on at least two days every week.

Hospital director Rob Anderson said: ‘It’s surprising to see just how little of the year people consider themselves fully fit.

‘If someone is plagued by a repeated problem they should talk to a healthcare professional to identify if it might be a symptom of something more serious.’

Spire Bristol Hospital, in case it’s not apparent, is a private healthcare clinic – so it’s easy to see why they might suggest people have a near-constant level of illness.

The press release and the research it was based on was another from our friends at OnePoll:

Given that we are in such poor health, we should be glad that journalists like Clare Bates at the Daily Mail are on hand to take 77% of a press release and publish it into a national newspaper. For the good of our health, of course.