“Women find geeks sexy!” says computer website

Geek is in – look around you, there’s no denying it. Wherever you look you’ll see people who want you to think they’re cool pretending that because they once went into an Apple store or wear large-framed glasses, they’re a geek. Evidently, geek is big news. Take, for example, this from the Daily Mail:

The rise of the ‘techno-sexual’: Why women are saying goodbye to David Gandy and hello to the geeky likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 

For centuries, muscly macho men have ruled the roost – and dominated the dating world.

But it seems all that is set to change, thanks to a new man on the scene: the ‘techno-sexual’.

In news that will bring hope to geeky men everywhere, a new survey has revealed that nearly two thirds of women would happily swap the likes of hunky David Gandy for the dorkier charms of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: Daily Mail, 24 January 2013


There we have it, then – girls would rather have a guy who knows his way around a computer than a guy who spends his life in the gym. In fact:

According to the research, 59 per cent of women say that they ‘most admire’ men who really know about technology, including how to fix and upgrade it.

It’s not simply enough to own a computer, but it’s also vital to have the wherewithal to upgrade and fix computers. Which is interesting, given that the research was commissioned by a company called Crucial.com:

‘Heroes today are becoming more Mark Zuckerberg than Jeremy Clarkson, as our busy lives become increasingly dominated by our use of technology,’ said Roddy McLean, a computer expert from Crucial.com, which carried out the survey.

‘Technology impacts everyone’s lives, so it’s not surprising that people wish they had a better understanding of it and how to fix or upgrade it when it doesn’t perform. 

‘The truth is it’s not as hard, or as confusing, as people think.’

And exactly who might crucial.com be? Why, they’re a tech support company, of course