“Chivalrous behaviour is dying out!” says website promoting chivalrous behaviour, and socks

Men, these days, just don’t care as much about having to live up to high standards of their forefathers. No, I don’t mean the treatment of women as inferior beings, but the really important things – like holding open a door. As the Telegraph reported it:

Traditional acts of chivalry frowned upon as ‘suspicious’

Traditional acts of chivalry are being frowned upon because “standards have slipped” and a noble gesture is seen as suspicious, according to researchers.

A survey claims most women are striving for independence do not expect token acts of kindness like giving up a seat on a packed bus or carrying shopping bags.

The figures collated suggest that a breakthrough in equality but are disappointing for many bemoaning the lack of good manners regardless of gender.

Source: The Telegraph, 14 January 2013


While a day later, the Daily Mail got in on the act:

Men’s chivalrous acts now make women suspicious as they have become so rare, study suggests

Women are suspicious of kind men who open doors for them or offer a coat on a cold day because of a decline in good manners, research has suggested.

Traditional acts of chivalry once thought to be polite and noble are frowned upon in the 21st century because they are so rare.

That means the ‘knight in shining armour’ persona is an unwanted fantasy now that women strive to be strong and independent.

Source: Daily Mail, 15 January 2013


The line we’re being fed here, then, is pretty garbled: men aren’t the knights in shining armour they used to be, which is bad, but women get suspicious when men do act all chivalrous, so it’s good that men apparently are no longer very chivalrous? If that alone isn’t enough to demonstrate that this isn’t real research, but instead nonsense PR, then the game becomes abundantly clear in paragraph four of the Telegraph article:

Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer for Socked.co.uk, said: “Men’s standards have slipped so far over recent years that any offer of chivalry from a gentleman knocks a woman off their guard and is viewed with outright suspicion.

Who is this Hall chap, he of the utterly ludicrous job title? He works for Socked.co.uk – a website which claims to offer men tips on etiquette, as well as selling socks, all predicated on the single thin gimmick of old-fashioned manners and gentlementality. Which is precisely why they created a nonsense poll to make it seem like the world is lacking in examples of the old-fashioned idea of what a gentleman should be.