“The more people exercising in gyms, the better!” says gym company

Have you been hitting the gym? And are you finding it a little hard to keep up momentum? Fear not, for the Daily Mail has the official reason why you might be struggling:

Looking for a fitness boost? Workout with a friend – research shows that women train harder with an exercise partner

Working out with friends is better than exercising alone, researchers say.

A study of 1,000 women found that 64 per cent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes with chums will push themselves harder than if they went alone.

Those who exercise together train for longer, burn more calories and go to the gym more often.

The study shows 31 per cent of women consider their friends to be the motivation they need to stay in good shape.

Source: Daily Mail, 16 January 2013

So, the ‘official’ answer to your gym blues is to always convince a friend to go along with you so the two of you can work out tomorrow. That the side effect of such advice is twice as many people hitting the gym almost certainly never crossed the mind of the survey’s originator – gym chain Virgin Active:

A spokesman for Virgin Active Health Clubs, which carried out the research, said: ‘We all have a need to socialise and be with other people, it’s written into our DNA.

‘Sometimes having an exercise partner is the difference between sitting on the couch in the evening and getting up and out of the house.

‘You are less likely to let a friend down and it is more fun.

Could this be as outright cynical as a gym chain telling people to come in pairs, simply to boost their membership? Well, given that the poll was carried out by 72 Point’s OnePoll, almost certainly, yes.

And, for good measure, it’s worth pointing out that the press release was taken into the Daily Mail at a churn rate of 80%.

Perhaps ‘Daily Mail Reporter’ should spend more time at their desk, and less time with their friends at the gym.