“People don’t change their bed linen enough!” says bed linen retailer

People are dirty, particularly in the bedroom. No, that’s not what I mean – I’m referring to the finding that:

A fifth of us don’t change our bed sheets even once a month – and it’s causing us asthma, eczema and sniffles as a result
– 40% of us change our bed linen every week 
A further 36% do it fortnightly and 1% yearly

Nearly a fifth of Britons fail to change their sheets at least one a month, starling new figures suggest. 

And they could be storing up a whole host of health woes as a result, ranging from asthma to rhinitis and eczema, a leading allergy expert has warned. 

A survey of more than 2,000 people found that more than half of us sleep in dirty sheets – and women are the guilty sex when it comes to not changing the bed linen regularly.

Source: Daily Mail, 7 January 2013


It seems that poor hygiene in the bedroom department can lead to health problems – issues which can be avoided if we purchase a special set of bed linen:

Those who suffer particularly badly should consider investing in dust mite proof bedding and we should all be making it a priority to wash our sheets on a one to two weekly basis at 60 degrees.

This would be advice, of course, from a bed linen retailer:

The research, commissioned for the home retailer Dunelm Mill, found just two in five of us change our sheets weekly – in line with the standards of TV’s cleaning gurus Kim and Aggie. 

This would also be advice which featured in the Daily Mail the previous week, with the same survey being used to form the basis of this article:

Proof that it really isn’t grimy up North! The South lagging behind when it comes to clean sheets and vacuuming

Britain’s cleanest homes are in the North of England and Scotland, while the grubbiest are in the South, a survey shows.

The North East was the cleanest region, with two-thirds of those surveyed saying they clean at least twice a week, followed by the North West and Yorkshire and Humberside.

The study ranked regions in order of how frequently homeowners cleaned six areas: bathrooms, toilets, bedsheets, surfaces, floors and fridges.

Source: Daily Mail, 28 December 2012


I’m not sure if this means Dunelm Mill are having a two for one sale? Certainly, their PR team over at Bright PR were…