“Women worry too much about their weight!” says yoghurt firm marketed as ‘rewards’ not ‘resolutions’

Fed up of your New Year’s diet? You’re not alone, according to the Daily Mail who reported:

Women dread getting on the scales in January more than being DUMPED, with a THIRD saying weighing themselves is their greatest fear
– A third claim that it’s their greatest fear in January whereas only 12% dread a relationship break-up

Everyone partakes in a little overindulgence over Christmas but it seems that the aftermath of festive feasting is really taking its toll on women.

According to the latest research, the thought of stepping on the scales after the Christmas splurge is feared more by women than being dumped. 

Almost a third claim that it’s their greatest fear in January whereas only 12 per cent dread a relationship break-up.

Source: Daily Mail, 8 January 2013


Women, it seems, are so traumatised by fretting over their weight they’d rather see their relationship go up in smoke than tackle the bathroom scales, with 12% saying they fear a break-up, compared to a third who fear the scales. 

Of course, if the question is ‘which do you fear most – finding out you’re overweight or your lover leaving you’, the numbers could just as easily reflect how many women are confident and secure in their relationships, and therefore have no cause to fear a break-up any time soon.

In fact, the article clearly states that stepping onto the scales was only the second biggest fear, with a trip to the dentist as first – which means, if this were not a PR-driven story, the headline ought to read: ‘Women would rather be dumped than go to the dentist’. But, of course, there’s no angle in reporting that way, for the people who paid for the survey:

Laura Graham from Onken, who carried out the research, said: ‘We need to let our hair down this January and not let the pressure of resolutions get to us. 

‘With more women fearing stepping on the scales this New Year than being dumped, it goes to show that the pressure of facing their New Year’s demons is getting to the nation more than ever!’

This is really, then, just an advert for Onken, who are saying to all the girls out there, ‘Hey! Relax, you! No need to worry about all those stressful things, let’s just enjoy life, right?’. We know they’re saying this, because their current campaign – which the results of this ‘research’ were fitted-up to support – says exactly that:

Because 2012 is all about rewards, not resolutions!

Source: Onken.co.uk


It’s even all over their Facebook page, too:


This ‘don’t worry about the diet, enjoy yourself’ approach is no accident, it’s a very overt and specific marketing tactic to distinguish Onken yoghurts from a range of health-focused competitors. In the industry, it’s similar to ‘value selling’ – essentially if your brand can’t necessarily compete on traditional competitive points (such as lowest price, or healthiest product), you sell your brand as having alternative benefits that make it worth buying in spite of the seeming inability to compete. Because you’re worth it.