“People book holidays online!” says online holiday company

Are you using your time at work to book your holidays? Apparently so, says the Daily Mail:

A fifth of holidays are booked on work computers, says new poll

If you’ve ever wondered why your colleagues occasionally look more happy than they should do dealing with the daily grind, there’s a chance they might be booking a holiday rather than addressing their workload. 

As many as 21 per cent of people polled in a survey by sunshine.co.uk admitted they sorted out their holiday arrangements during their company’s time.

Source: Daily Mail, 6 January 2013

It’s worth bearing in mind a number of things, at this stage:

  1. This is a self-reported survey, of which options some people select, in an online survey where speed is rewarded over accuracy.
  2. The survey was commissioned by an online holiday firm called ‘sunshine.co.uk’, who really only care about telling you that you can book your holidays online with them.
  3. The main take-home point in the statistics isn’t anything to do with whether holidays were booked during work hours (that’s merely the attention-grabber), but instead that:

In what is a sign of the times, just 4 per cent of those who have been away recently booked their trip at a high street travel agency, the poll found.

In fact, this entire story is published simply to remind you that booking a holiday online is simple, and that sunshine.co.uk is a website where you can do exactly that.