“People are forgetting to eat breakfast!” says breakfast food company

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – we’re told this regularly, and it’s constantly in the media – and, as we all know, if a message is given to us relentlessly in the media, it has to be because it’s the truth… from the Daily Mail, January 3rd:

Too BUSY to diet? Half of Brits say fast-paced lifestyles makes it impossible to eat heathily (sic)
– More than 50 per cent of Brits say they are too busy to go on a diet
– 40 per cent revealed they eat breakfast in less than 10 minutes
– A fifth admitted to skipping breakfast and lunch altogether, instead choosing to snack throughout the day

If you’re planning a January diet to shift the extra pounds piled on over Christmas, you had better make sure you can find time in your schedule.

A new survey has revealed that more than 50 per cent of British people are too busy to eat properly and instead rely on food eaten on the go.

As a result, healthy eating is made harder, with many relying on snacks and sandwiches to get through the day.

Source: Daily Mail, 3 January 2013

It seems we’re a nation intent on losing weight and eating right – it is January, after all, and resolutions are kicking in – yet we’re persistently thwarted by the age we live in, meaning our attempts always fall on stony ground.

It’s fair to assume, also, that the Daily Mail are decrying our ability to eat healthily, and that it was a mere typo in the very headline of the story that suggested we instead struggle to eat ‘heathily’ (either that, or the Mail are particularly frustrated at the restaurant facilities in the most isolated areas of the moors).

Most interesting of all is the finding that we’re increasingly skipping breakfast – the meal we’re told is:

…said by nutritionists to be the healthiest meal of the day and essential for dieters…

This is of particular interest, given that the originators of the ‘study’ were the New York Bakery Company – purveyors of fine breakfast bagels, and entirely impartial on the matter of how many people ought to be eating breakfast, and where they ought to buy their breakfast from.