“Old people feel young!” says bottled water company with ‘live young’ slogan

To any readers of this site who happen to be based in the Uk – good news! You’re likely to feel sprightly and youthful for far longer than your European counterparts, according to new ‘research’ published in the Daily Express and Daily Mail:


OUNG at heart Britons feel a full eight years younger than their age – and “living life to the full” is the secret, according to a study.

Active lifestyles mean we are better able to fight off the feeling of old age, which women now believe starts at 70 and men at 81.

Living each day to the maximum and enjoying what you do is key to feeling young, according to 65 per cent of those polled

Source: Daily Express, 1 January 2013

Britons feel eight years younger than they really are and men think old age starts at 81 (but women feel past it at 70!)
– ‘Living life to the full’ key to staying young, says study 
– Remaining active also best way to stave off ageing
– But almost four out of ten Europeans say Britons are old before their time

Britons feel eight years younger than their age and say ‘living life to the full’ is the secret.

Remaining active is the best way to stave off old age according to two-thirds of people who took part in a new study.

Staying youthful is more important to women than men, with 40 per cent saying it is ‘very important’.

Source: Daily Mail, 8 January 2013

Good news all round for my fellow Brits, then? Perhaps not, given that this is nothing more than an advert for the survey’s ‘sponsor’:

Laura Pope, from Evian, which sponsored the study, said: ‘Age is a state of mind and an attitude to life.’

That would be Evian, the bottled water company, who BY SHEER COINCIDENCE market themselves with the slogan, “L’Evian: Live Young”. 

Young? They must think we were born yesterday.