“Parents aren’t cooking enough!” says cookbook publishers

It’s an undeniable fact that parents today are less caring of their children than previous generations of parents were. By which I mean it’s almost certainly not true, but it is something PR companies like to tell us is true as often as possible, in order to publicise a client. For example:

One in four parents now think heating up a tin of baked beans counts as cooking, study finds
– Only a third of British parents spend more than 40 minutes preparing food
– Just 19 per cent of us cook properly every night, while old favourites like Bakewell Tart are dying out

A quarter of parents now regard heating up baked beans or putting a frozen pizza in the oven as ‘cooking’, according to a new study.

The researchers concluded that British people are in danger of losing their cooking skills as more of us rely on ready meals.

Source: Daily Mail, 11 December 2012

Food: Beans means a delicious meal (if you make an effort)

Never mind soufflés, pies and Sunday roasts – according to a new survey by cookbook publishers Parragon, a quarter of us now consider “cooking” to be the heating up of a tin of baked beans.

The survey of 2,000 adults also found that only a third of those polled can claim to spend 40 minutes, at least once in a week, in the kitchen.

We may enjoy watching Nigella, Gordon and Heston on the television, bustling about in their kitchens, but our own, it seems, is often a foreign land.

Source: Independent, 12 December 2012

Clearly parents are getting lazy in the kitchen, and are losing the wise culinary ways of our elders, much to the detriment of their poor darling children. Says… who?

The poll, commissioned by the cookery book publisher Parragon, also found that as our lives become increasingly hectic, we spend less time in the kitchen than we did 20 years ago.

Vickie Voss, of Parragon Books, which produces the Love Food range of cookbooks, said: ‘Brits have less time to cook but still want to eat and provide good food.

‘Despite millions of us tuning in to cookery shows, a cookbook still seems the easiest way for people to improve their culinary skills as they can go at their own pace, choose recipes to suit their tastes and enjoy the experience of cooking.’

The choice is clear: if you love your children as much as you think you love your children, this particular cookery book publisher thinks you need to buy cookery books.