“People have affairs!” says extra-marital ‘dating’ website

Is January 7th the day when men are most likely to have an affair? Yes, says the Daily Mail:

Lock up your husbands! TODAY is the most adulterous day of the year (PLUS: Five signs your partner is cheating)

If you’ve had an uncomfortable festive season punctuated by rows, then watch out! 

Today is the day people are most likely to start an affair – and the tensions of the Christmas period are partly to blame.

Traffic on married dating websites shoots up by 25 per cent on 7 January, new research has revealed.

Source: Daily Mail, 7 January 2013


It would seem married couples have good cause to fear January 7th, then… or they would have, were this not a press released placed by ‘extra-marital dating’ website Illictencounters.com, who it’s fair to say have something of a commercial interest in promoting the idea that affairs are increasingly commonplace.