“Young people suck at DIY!” says home insurance company

The youth of today simply aren’t as good as the previous generation, we hear all the time, from companies who feel such a message provides a useful vehicle for getting their brand name into the media. Take, for instance:

Today’s youths aren’t switched on enough to change a lightbulb

BRITISH youngsters are not such bright sparks when it comes to DIY – with one in six clueless about how to change a LIGHTBULB, according to a new study.

As young Brits spend ever longer living at home with their parents, the ability to carry out basic DIY seems to have taken a dive.

A staggering 63 per cent of 18-to-24-year-olds admitted they couldn’t bleed a radiator, while a further 58 per cent wouldn’t know how to change a fuse.

Source: The Sun, 15 November 2012


Two-thirds do not know how to turn off a water supply, a survey of 18 to 24-year-olds found. Almost as many are unable to change a fuse.

Source: Daily Express, 16 November 2012

As ever, the information may or may not be correct, but that isn’t really the point – the only point here is that somebody wanted to get their name into the press, and felt this would be a useful way of doing so. And who was that someone?

Jonathan King, of HomeServe, said: “These results appear to show that for many young people, learning DIY skills is no longer a priority.

“For many who live at home with parents, fixing things may not be of great concern but sooner or later these are skills that will be relied upon.”

That would be Homeserve, the home insurance company.