“Men are terrible at choosing presents for women!” says company selling gift vouchers

Depending on which company wants to promote its goods to you at any given moment, both men and women can be said to be awful at everything, all the time. Take, for example, the news that men are terrible at buying gifts:


MEN rarely get it right when buying gifts for the other half, according to a survey.

Millions upset their partners by buying underwear which is the wrong size, wrong colour or too sexy.

They also buy toiletries which women would never use and perfume they don’t like the smell of.

Source: Daily Express, 10 November 2012

Why can’t men ever buy the right present? Underwear, perfume and vacuum cleaners top the list of gifts men get wrong (but women aren’t much better)

As we head into the festive period, so comes the conundrum of what gift to get your loved one. 

But according to a new survey released today, no matter how hard they try, when it comes to buying presents, men never get it right.

Topping the list of gifts that men get wrong is underwear. Research found that men fell foul of their other half by buying lingerie which is the wrong size or colour.

Source: Daily Mail, 9 November 2012

Who commissioned the survey which produced these headlines?

John Starr, for Gift Card and Voucher Week, which commissioned the poll, said: “Buying presents for women is a minefield.

“It looks like men should avoid buying anything for their partners to wear, all toiletries, anything for the house or kitchen or anything exercise related.”

The angle, then, is crystal clear: men are so poor at buying presents, it’s not worth even trying – far better, then, to buy a gift voucher from this handy gift voucher company.