“Women want men to be better groomed!” says male grooming product range, days before Christmas

Men simply aren’t as attractive or alluring as they used to be, and it’s a source of much disappointment to the women of the 21st century – according to new ‘research’ published in the Daily Mail just days before Christmas:

Bring back the gentleman! 1950s voted most desirable era by modern women who are desperate for men to make more of an effort 
– 61 per cent of women want a 1950’s type man
– Although most men think they know how to be gentlemen, only 50 per cent of women agree
– Good manners are lacking in modern men according to women

Addicted to Mad Men? Got a hankering for a dapper gent? Well you aren’t alone.

A new survey has revealed that modern women regard the men of the 1950s as the most desirable of all time – and would love their 21st century counterparts to make more of an effort with their manners and appearance. 

Unlike modern males, men in the 1950’s regularly held doors open for women, and had a wardrobe full of well-pressed two piece suits.

Source: Daily Mail, 21 December 2012

So it seems, then, that the feminist revolution of the 1960s was in vain… or this research is promotional nonsense for a company invested in making men feel they need to take on selected behaviours:

Ian Linaker, co-founder of Scaramouche & Fandango, said: ‘Our results show that today’s men are a far cry from the more well-mannered and desired gentlemen of the 50s, especially as only 47 per cent of men polled revealed they have some sort of grooming regime.

‘The concept behind Scaramouche & Fandango is that any man can look well groomed, even on the go, thanks to our travel-friendly, high quality post-able products.”

That’s right: use their product, and they can turn you into the man that all women say they want you to be. As an advertising message, it sounds like something Don Draper himself could have come up with, 60 years ago.