“Tonight is the perfect time to try online dating!” says online dating site

Sometimes, PR is so lacking in subtlety it can be astounding. Take, for instance, the revelation from today’s Daily Mail:

Looking for love? 8.52 tonight is your best bet as online dating set to reach its annual peak with singletons seeking to cure New Year blues
– Combination of going back to work and New Year resolutions will send millions to internet dating sites

Singletons in search of love should take note – 8.52pm tonight will be the best time this year to find a date online. 

Researchers believe people looking for a date will have the best chance of finding someone compatible shortly before 9pm as the number of people logging on to internet dating sites peaks. 

They believe a combination of back to work blues and New Year’s resolutions to find a partner will send millions of people to online dating sites.

Source: Daily Mail, 2 January 2013


It seems, then, that we’re hitting the optimum time to give online dating a whirl – according to the company who published the research:

Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert at match.com, said: ‘It’s the time of year when we vow to eat more healthily, exercise more frequently and budget better.

‘If you make sure you’re online during the busiest time of the whole year you’ll have an even better chance of meeting someone special.’

This story literally is: online dating site says people should be using online dating website – and yet it still makes it into the Daily Mail as if this were real news. Perhaps Becky Evans at the Mail should spend more time sourcing real news stories, and less time checking her profile on Match.com…