“Most people will stay home and drink at New Year!” says supermarket selling cheap booze

Given that finances are tight, people are planning to stay at home on New Year’s Eve, giving the expensive pubs and clubs a swerve – or so says the Daily Star and Daily Mail: 


SKINT Brits are set to shun the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations at a pub or club.

A staggering 83% of cash-strapped families will celebrate at home instead.

And 43% of those will watch a movie rather than entertain friends.

Source: Daily Star, 27 December 2012


New Year? We’re staying in! Cash-strapped Brits prepare for a muted celebration on the sofa to welcome in 2013

Cash-strapped Britons are preparing for muted New Year’s Eve celebrations with eight in ten planning a quiet night in, a survey revealed yesterday.

A record 83 per cent said they expect to stay at home than go out to party, according to the poll of 2000 people.

Of those, 43 per cent will simply settle down on the sofa and watch a film with treats and snacks.

Another 38 per cent plan to have a meal and a bottle of wine, whilst 12 per cent will be hosting friends and family.

Source: Daily Mail, 27 December 2012


So, we’re all shunning the outside world in order to stay in and have drinks, wine, snacks and treats, according to the survey. That would be the survey run by…

Forty-four per cent of people surveyed by supermarket Morrisons for the latest poll said their main reasons for staying in this year were concerns about finances.

That would be the survey run by Morrisons, the supermarket – the very place where one could by drinks, wine, snacks and treats, if one had reason to believe most people were shunning the outside world in order to stay in on New Year’s Eve.

Morrisons said it is expecting to sell over 89,000 bottles of champagne, cava and prosecco as people toast the New Year at home.

The supermarket also predicts 14 tonnes of crisps and over 43,000 packs of party poppers will be bought.

Sonia Whiteley-Guest, from Morrisons, said: ‘We understand that budgets are a little tight this year.

‘People want to enjoy celebrating what a great year 2012 has been with people they love and care about rather than worry about the dent on their wallet.’

I for one am glad that Morrisons are so concerned with our wallets, and I’m particularly glad they were able to secure a spot in the Daily Mail and the Daily Star to let me know this very fact about them.