“Women need to impress other women!” says swimwear company

The Daily Mail has never been shy when it comes to piling pressure onto women to look good – just take a glance at the neverending-sidebar-of-gossip-and-flesh for more examples than you’d ever be able to sit through.

Keeping women in a state of constant paranoia about their looks requires eternal vigilence, lest anybody start to feel good about themselves, so it’s no surprise to see one of the Mail’s foremost poll-pasters Martha de Lacy putting this article together:

Women spend more time checking out OTHER WOMEN than they do men (and it’s their clothes, figures and hair we’re most interested in)

Ever get the feeling your boyfriend is looking at other women as you walk down the street?

Well, perhaps he’s picking up the habit from you.

Women spend more time checking out other women than they do checking out men, keen to see what ‘the opposition’ is wearing, how much cellulite they have, what their hair looks like and how thin they are, according to a new study.

Source: Daily Mail, 14 November 2012


The article outlines the myriad reasons women have to fear the gaze of their judgemental fellow ladies: 

Clocking other women’s shoes, height, cellulite, where their handbag is from and whether or not they have had plastic surgery is the usual thought process, the study found.

Unsurprisingly, the Mail article by Martha is actually overwhelmingly copied from the original press release, seen here on the website of 72 Point – the marketing company behind the ubiquitous dodgy pollsters OnePoll:


In fact, according to Churnalism.com, Martha took 76% of the original press release, adding very little of her own work to the process.

Who is the company who wants women to feel under constant scrutiny about their looks?

Helen Boyle, stylist for Swimwear365, said: ‘There is not a woman on the planet who doesn’t love people-watching and having a sneaky look at other women.

The beach is probably the best place to have a good nose at other women, you don’t usually get to see people half-dressed and in so much detail.

That would be Swimwear365, the beachware specialists:


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…